How to boost your engagement with GIFs?

The simplest and most accessible way to increase your conversion rate online.

Today, it’s never been easier to reach people,
yet never been harder to earn attention.

— Arvinder Gujral

All studies converge at the same point,

GIFs & videos are the most-engaging content on the WEB

%more shares on social media publications containing a short video.
%more purchases after visitors watched a video presentation
%more engagement when adding a GIF to a post.
%faster revenue for marketers who use videos in their advertising.

Based on 2017—2019 numbers. Expect this to be even higher in 2020.

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How to BOOST your conversion rate while reducing acquisition costs

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Adding GIFs to emails can increase click rates by


Hello Amy, we've just published something that may interest you!

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More than

of the companies surveyed plan to use GIFs or videos in their marketing campaigns.

Altough, publishing good quality content is not always obvious

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Anthony Nevo

The first results are very convincing.
Just by replacing our image with a Gifing clip, we divided by 3 the CPC of our ads while doubling the number of clicks.

Anthony Nevo — YouTuber, marketing expert & founder of

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